This Web is dedicated to the Briscoe Family. A family reunion brought up the Idea. Publishing the family tree might help complete it.
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Jimmie Berle
Billy Eugene
Paul Wesley
Larry Ray
Vernis_Ann ?

JB Briscoe
born: Apr. 27 1916
died: Jan. 23, 1997 in Austin,Texas

Katie Lee Carruth on Jan. 12,1935
born: May 20, 1913

died: Oct. 12, 1945 in Austin, Texas

JB with his Great grandchildren in Germany 1988
Mark, Daniel, David and Steven



B and Katie had 4 children.

Jimmie, Billy, Paul and Larry

Venver Rose Voight
born: Nov. 27, 1922
died: Oct. 23, 1994 in Austin, Texas

JB and Rose had 2 children.
Verniss Ann and Phillip


Michael Eduard Briscoe wrote:
We didn't get to spend much time with Grandpa JB, since we grew up in Germany. I can hardly remember him as a child. I remember I picked the first tangerines off his tangerine tree when I was about 3 or 4. It wouldn't of been so bad if they hadn't of been green.
We never had a chance of meeting our Grandmother since she died very young of leukemia before we where born.
In 1985 Dad, Charly and I visited the family in Texas. In that year they put up a reunion for us all to meet. My god, was there a lot of kin there. I guess it was about 150 to 200 people running around.
I remember Grandpa took us down town to one of these western shops. He said: Boy's I guess it's about time I buy you guy's a pair of boots. Those where the first one's we owned.
We had a good time with everyone, I wish we could of spent more time there.