This Web is dedicated to the Briscoe Family. A family reunion brought up the Idea. Publishing the family tree might help complete it.
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Charles Ray


Charles Ray Briscoe
 Sep.15,1958 in Elmer, New Jersey
Married Rita Maria Pilat on Dec.17,1981
Rita was born Feb.18,1959
Charles and Rita had 2 children:
- Daniel Steve Briscoe
- David Simon Briscoe
Married Petra Edith Angelika Weiss on May 15,1992
Petra was born Sep.9,1966 in Mannheim
Charles and Petra had 1 child
- Jannis Briscoe
Married  Irina Andrée on April 30 2010
Irina was born on April 4th 1958

Charles learned to be a printer and now manages the printing section of the company.
He learned to play a guitar and sings like a mockingbird. He played together with his Dad for several years.
Now he plays together with some friends.
They call themselves "Private Dancer"
check them out at:

Irina and Charles

Daniel and Charly