This Web is dedicated to the Briscoe Family. A family reunion brought up the Idea. Publishing the family tree might help complete it.
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Michael Eduard


Michael Eduard Briscoe
Apr.14,1956 in Mannheim, Germany
Married: Angelika Schillinger 
May 30,1981.
Angelika was born Nov 27,1956 in Wuerzburg, Germany
Michael and Angelika had 2 children
Mark and Steven

Here are some pictures
and here in a different way.
Oma's 75 birthday

Having a little fun at a Cabaret-Cadellight Dinner ;-)

I learned to be an electrician.
Then studied electronics and developed computer systems for 8 years.
Today I Administrate the computer systems of a manufacturing plant.
Want to see where?

And here Rascoe an I are putting this Web together ;-)

At Wesley's house in 1986

As I had to move, I bought this old house (1912) in August 2006