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Nannie Faye

Mary Jane
Dorothy Anne

Nannie Faye Briscoe  (went by Faye or Mrs. H.S. Harris)
Born: 25 Oct 1897 in Olney, Young Co., Texas.

Died: September 7, 1985

She married: December 31,1919 Hardeman Co., Texas

 Harry Sim Harris             (went by Sim)

Born: March 7, 1893, Whitney, Texas
Died: February 18, 1967 Springville, Tulare Co., Calif
Burried in Olive Cemetary in Lindsey CA

They had two daughters: Mary Jane and Dorothy Anne

in 1949

 Notes of interest N. Faye Briscoe never liked her real first name. She went to great links to keep it hidden from people. All of us grandchildren were never allowed to call her anything but grandmother or grandma. We didn't dare call her nanna or any other of those cute nicknames grandchildren call their grandmothers. It wasn't till after she died that I learned her real first name was Nannie. Infact I don't think my great grandmother was to happy with her first name Nannie either. She was only called Little Grandma, Aunt Bea, or Bea.

Faye, Sim and Cora